Goals and More Goals

Goals are extremely important to set. So often I'm asked how do you do it? Wife, mom, business owner and of course Chris at the end of each day. I set goals and I work daily towards my goal. I have a plan and I stick to the plan. I don't let the failures of the day stop me from reaching my goals. You will have failures, you will feel defeated and you will experience distractions along the way, but the reward will be great. Prioritizing, what takes precedence in a given day, is also important to meeting your goals. My family needs always come first and all my goals are set according to my family and our future. I know everyone preaches self care... but it is important to maintain a healthy mental state. You can not pour from an empty cup therefore take care of yourself daily. Always keep in mind, that there is no such thing as overnight success and anything worth having is worth working towards.

I'll get better at this blogging.... be patient with me!

Located in Rosenberg, TX
Last January, I saw this space being built. I thought to myself, this would be great for a second location. I immediately prayed over the building, asking God to show me if this is where he wanted me to be. Here we are, 18 months later, getting ready for our grand opening of our second location.

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