Meet Our Center Directors 

I am a native of Detroit, Michigan

raised in Houston Texas from the age of 11. At the age of 20 I was united in marriage and we birthed  four children together.  I obtained my Bachelors from the University of Houston- Downtown in 2009. Educating the youth and creating a place for children to learn and feel loved was my dream. My dream became reality in 2010 when I opened my in home Learning Center under the name "Tiny Tots Learning Center". In 2012 I along with my family obtained "Little Children's Learning Center". I strive to be a positive influence in the lives of every child I meet. I believe being an educator is more than subject matter, it's instilling passion, love, self-worth, and lifelong memories into the hearts of youth. 

I  was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I relocated my family to Houston, TX in 1997. I along with my husband raised two wonderful children, and we now are the grandparents of eight. As a mother I always pushed my children into entrepreneurship. When my daughter decided to go into the daycare industry with me I was thrilled to become a business partner. The idea of  becoming apart of an company that focuses on education, and building nurturing relationships with new families  is extremely important to me. I believe all children should attend schools where they learn, grow and are loved. I am blessed and honored to be apart of the lives of many families and children.